Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Online Exam For Campus

It is good news to all Bangladeshi Teaching Academy that we have launch an complete on-line exam portal. It can be installed in any university, College, School or in any IT related training centers website. If they don't have an website also this exam system websites can be used as there web sites as well as there online exam system. Also they can use it as online course site.
This system has capability of both MCQ And Written Exam System.
It maintains 3 types of user.
Admin: Admin can add new subjects, many exams under that subject, can add question to that subject, can set exam schedule. He also can modify this features.
Assessor: Admin will employ one/many assessor to an subjects. So that he can assess the written exam of the students.

Student will first register to the exam portal or in university, Then he needs to register under a certain subject. After that the assessors employed to that subject will verify the student. After that the student can participate in an exam.
Our demo details + general user login details are given here: Online Exam System : HamdunSoft

If you needs this type of exam system please contact to us at: hamdunsoft@gmail.com
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