Monday, May 5, 2014

Online Complete Exam Portal

An online Complete Exam Portal ( MCQ and Written both ) will be sold. Supported Browsers Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Netscape And Android Browser Which Support JavaScript.

DemoLink is here:
DemoLink is here:
Admin Panel Login :     PassWord : hamdunsoft

You can test the admin panel , can add new subject, exam, modify exam, subject, question, assign assessor, new admin to different subject and exam, exam expire date, question number, pass mark, stability and so many feature.

General user is:
PassWord: general
You can give exam and see scrore and many things.

Value Will be negotiable after conversation. Value for on of the (written or MCQ) portal or for both is different.
Value is in between 450$ USD to 650$ USD for the product and setup. It may be negotiable. And the domain as well as the hosting charge will be providen by the customer.
If any one need this type of portal please then email us here:
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