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Submitting your sites in the SE offered sites given above it is all the thing you wanted to do. After waiting several minutes you can search your sites in the search engine by your domain name with or without .com,.org,.net,.gov etc.You don't need to put HTTP or WWW. any of these while searching. But the waiting time after submitting your sites depends upon the SE quality.Suppose if your sites is well documented then Google will accept your request in a very few seconds.Yahoo is slower than Google for this purpose.I have experience of this matter several times.
What well documented websites is described below.Please be patient.I think all of these articles will be very informative to you.Or you can search by pressing CTRL+F in this page.

If you do not have enough time you can ignore the topics in braked. But it is essential for web developer or new SEO freelancer.
  (Some times the search engine sites may want to input captcha.It is nothing but cheking wheather you are a robot or man.And they may also want some key words through which your sites will be acquainted and treated by the search engine.Like your sites aim is  finding tutor through internet .Then your keywords may be Tutor,Nettutor,tutornet,Finding tutor on net ....bla bla as you wish.But this is optional.Suppose Google does not wants key words.He totally crawls and analyzes your sites contents word by word and specially emphasis <meta> tag contents(META is an HTML TAG USED IN HEADER TAG) isn't it informative.Then you have to add some meta tag keywords relative to your sites between the index page header tag of your sites).I think this is important.

Read these Attentively :
  1.  At the first time after sometimes you have submit your sites URL you can to enter your domain name in SE search box.Then you will find your sites in the SE. If you want to find your sites with less word then you have  create backlinks of your sites,manage meta tag described below and previous.
  2. Put some meta tag contents in header tag.This is very important. If you know HTML then use this process otherwise follow the other instructions.
  3. Important matter is that while submitting URL you should not put each pages URL that your sites contain though you can do this every time. you should put only your domain name.Suppose only WWW.TUTORMANBD.HOSTZI.COM but not this WWW.TUTORMANBD.HOSTZI.COM/ABOUTUS.PHP .
  4. If you make some updates in your sites then you can submit your sites URL again to SE (Google specially). This is not must necessary.Because after certain time SE will crawl your sites and then they will achieve your updates  data.If you have back link then the your sites will be crawled more times.
  5. There is no age restriction of your sites for submitting and accepting the sites URL to be indexed by search engine.Suppose that to submit your URL they do not want your sites must be 1 month or 6 months old or any. But in future they can change their policy.    
  6. But one thing is very important your sites should be well documented and designed.To make transparent this thing I am giving the example of Google. Because only on search engine is best among the many.And if you can make your sites SEO friendly to that engine you will be glad and beneficent.I thing that boss engine is  GOOGLE.I am strongly recommending  you try to make your sites familiar with Google all times.Then requirements of other SE will be automatically fill-up.
  7. If your sites is well documented with well design then they will accept your request in few moments.And your request life time will be longer.I was a victim not following this matter.I could find my  sites for three days in Google and after that my request was vanished. Uh! this was fearing and laughing to me.Then I understand the main fact from some SEO books and articles and again made an application to Google .For increasing your request life time  try to have an About-us and Privacy Policy page,Contact us page,Home page in your sites and some back-links in other sites.Then Google or other engine will  guess your sites as well documented.Oh another thing is that Google,Yahoo or other SE do not analyze your sites by human they do it by computer programs.So be very careful if you want to get approved of Google Adscence. For this try to use W3C verified HTML tags in sites construction.But if you construct your sites using Word Press, Joomla,Q2A,CSS Tab Designer,Macromedia Dreamweaver or other CMS(Content management System) Software you should not emphasis on this. Because they spontaneously use W3C verified HTML tag.
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