Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Assalamualikum . Now I am describing the process for making  your sites Google verified.
If  you did not make some back-links in  high page ranked sites  of your  sites then  Google or other SE index your  sites temporarily. But if you verify this site in SE the corresponding SE will index your sites permanently. I can  be assure that at least you can find your sites by  entering your  domain name in Google or yahoo or other SE. As I exposed  above you can also make permanently indexed your sites by back linking your sites . Here I have give the verifying process only for the Google
one. In future I will add more SE (Yahoo , ASK etc SE)verification  process.For this purpose just login in this sites  http://www.google.com/webmasters with your Gmail ID.Then you should add your sites link by clicking the "ADD A SITE". If you don't find that click the "HOME BUTTON" at the top left corner.Then search the "ADD A SITE" BUTTON.     

 Now add your desired sites domain name.Then they will push you in another sites and give a form like this.Then click  "this HTML verification file" from point 1.Download this HTML verification file.Then a file named like this  "google011535822f1311d1.HTML" or others will be downloaded in your computer.
The next work is upload this HTML file in your sites root directory (simply public_html folder).

After uploading now just back to webmaster tools page and click the VERIFY button.Then they will verify your sites and give you a congratulation letter. Now click the "Continue" text in this page which will redirect you in the Site Dashboard page.Here you can see a text about sitemap . Details about site map is discussed below.This is all by me.For more optimization of your sites please read more about the Google Webmaster tools post below.
 It is the basic method to make your sites Google verified.But there is also some others methods.Suppose meta tag adding in your sites or sitemap submitting.
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