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I have said that my request was not lasted more than three days in GOOGLE SE.Then I stared to put my sites url back link in other sites. And after that I again make application to Google.Now my sites is indexed by google permanently.I only put my back link in 5 or 6 sites.From that pages only one page's rank was higher than 0(ZERO) in Google.But all of the 6 pages were crawled by Google,Yahoo,Bing, regularly.

So I was easily able to find my  sites in Google,Yahoo,Bing, . Just type tutormanbd then you will find my site along with the sites list where I put back link.When your sites back-link number will increase then you can search your sites with half of your domain name rather than full domain name in any SE. Once you have backlink in high page rank sites sometimes you need not to submit your sites to any SE. They will automatically index your site.But it may takes more than one weeks. Because when they crawl the sites in certain period only then they will find your sites link in that high page rank sites and index your sites.
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The talisman is that search engine(SE)have some robot I mean programs through which SE travel in each sites and all of the contents for analizing automatically in a certain period of times.The google program is known as crawler. It always remains busy.Sometimes while crawling it finds refference to another sites that is back link.The crawler then vists the back linked sites.Then if the relation in anchor tag is dofollow it helps to increase your page rank to SE (Google,Yahoo).The bigger the number of back links of sites the precedence is higher of the sites to SE (GoogleYahoo,bing, all).
This is the main phases for making your sites renowned plus familiar.

Some information for sites benifit:
It is very important to understands some luckycharm about SEO.One of them is back linking.Now I am describing it to you.

Question : What is back link?
Back link is a link of your domain in another sites that leads to point back your sites when it is clicked. Simply you can make it while commenting in other sites.Sometimes they automatically will ask you for your sites URL and your name before commenting. Then you should put your sites main name in name palce.

 I have said about back linking  again and again because Google crawler every times visits  each websites ,finds backlinks in that sites and makes a precedence by they finds a sites link more times and emphasize for indexing the sites.And then your sites will be more optimized  for searching.

Question:How many types of back link exist?describe details.
Answer: 2 kinds.
       1.No follow.It is used to prodect comments page from SPAMMER and Malicious Program.Crawler will not follow such kind of link.
      2.Do follow.Crawler will follow such kind of link.
 No follow or do follow are defined in the anchor tag besides the link with the attribute rel.
Question:Which one is to use?
Both.But do follow links helps to increase page rank.The sites in which you put comments and keep link they defind it that is the link do follow or no follow.You should try to put comment in those sites which support dofollow link.But if you always meet with a nofollow sites do not be desappointed put comment their.This is also useful.Click here to get 18500+ do-follow backlinks.

Question:What is page rank?describe.
Page rank is a precedence meter defined by google crawler between value 0 and 10.Higher the page rank higher the precedence of that sites to  SE(Google) than a similiar sites having lower page rank.You can increase your page rank by putting your link with comments in a dofollow sites which has a page rank greater than 0 (ZERO).If the page rank is 0 that is also useful.You can see sites page rank in the browser title bar adding firebug plugin in your mozila firefox browser.For more help just search in google.

Question:Is there any program or sites for helping about Back linking or to create automatically back link?
Answer: Yes .Click here to get 18500+ do-follow backlinks. is such kinds of sites for create auto back link in  2500+ sites with a free cost.You can also take the help from sites, about them in google or visit them.If you Have interest then Comments.I will write more blogs about SEO and Back linking.

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